Living by God’s truths

With the transition(s) coming up in my life, my heart has been filled with heaviness. We’ve been anticipating what could happen, preparing for whatever we can and of course, we’ve been praying.

As Christians, prayer is a frequent tool we use, and sometimes when we cannot find any other practical solution, prayer is what we turn to. We pray and pray – be it long prayers or short prayers, individually or as a group, in our hearts or out loud.

Yet, sometimes we pray out of insecurity, uncertainty and worry. We pray without a genuine revelation of who God is and what He has promised. Revelation refers not just to head knowledge, or being aware of what the word of God says – it is a deep realisation within your being that God’s truth is truth.

I was spending time with God today and couldn’t connect with His presence for a while. I then took some time off to do other things and suddenly, Matthew 6:31-34 came to mind and an unexplainable peace and awakening came upon me.

Do not worry about tomorrow.

Simple truth – God’s truth – not just stated in the word, but evident in the world around us!

If even the grass of the field are clothed, what more us?

When we realise that God’s truth is truth, we realise actually that we do not need to pray for our own needs, because God’s word has already promised all of that.

What we need is to allow God’s truth to renew our minds and sink into our being, such that the way we live our lives is not influenced by the words of others and the beliefs of this world, but truly by the truth of God.

Our soul needs to be anchored in the word – our mind and emotions – more so than our outward actions, because even spiritual actions can be anchored in anxieties and motivations of this world.

Thank you Jesus for this revelation that I can rest in you, but more importantly, for teaching me how to respond to you by anchoring my soul in You.