People Power and The Presidential Elections

This is indeed shaping up to be one of the most memorable years of politics for Singapore. The most fascinating part for me is not the candidates, but actually observing and understanding how Singapore has evolved as an electorate.

Two interesting reads for today:

1. Challenging the OB markers for an Elected President by Catherine Lim.

Where the government emphasizes dignity, gravitas and acumen as the most important qualities for the EP, the people want to see fearlessness, courage and readiness to stand up to a powerful government. Where the government wants the presidential voice, if it needs to be critical, to be so only in quiet, private consultation with the Prime Minister, the people will be satisfied with no less than open and public accounting.

2. Obsessive compulsive behaviour (again) in presidential contest by Alex Au

Once again – sharp and insightful analysis backed by solid data and evidence.

The final section that looks at the study by IPS during GE 2011 is the most fascinating. Alex Au argues that in this Presidential Elections, the swing voters are especially dangerous as we are all presented with the same slate of candidates, regardless of GRC and in essence, Tony Tan only had a solid bank vote now of 20-25%.

What’s interesting too then is that our final winner of the PE might be one who gets less than 30-40% of the votes, meaning that he has more who didn’t vote for him than voted for him.

Like Catherine Lim claims in her article, the ‘greatest loser’ in this year of political change might eventually just be the Elected Presidency.


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