More on Understanding the UK Riots

I’ve been reading up a bit more on the UK riots just to understand what’s happening.

I read UK Riots Fuelled by Moral Collapse [Steve Blizard’s blog] first this morning and was particular interested in the article’s claim that the lack of committed fathers and the endorsement of single parent families led to the riots.’s article -  Britain’s prime minister only makes things worse  [a rather attention-seeking headline I must say] – has a different take on it though. Nina Power sees the act of pushing the blame on single mothers as masking the real causes of inequality, poverty, unemployment and ‘a lack of alternative narratives’.

Straits Times actually had a very good article in Review today by John Cooper ‘Invite the Louts to the Party’, which describes the youth in UK as lacking a ‘sense of entitlement’. They don’t feel they are entitled to a job. In light of the economic situation in UK, I am more inclined to side with Nina Powers.

This article from NYT For Egyptians, British Riots are a Mix of Familiar and Peculiar [from NYT] is dripping with irony! It provides an  overview of what Middle Eastern countries say about the riots. There are some rather funny, tongue-in-cheek tweets quoted like – “Egypt’s protesters are upholding democratic principles, while London’s rioters are holding-up plasma screens.” It’s interesting when the tables are turned on the Western world and the leaders find themselves having to eat their own words.


I just watched this BBC Talkshow video ( with David Starkey, a famous historian, proposing a very typical ‘colonialist’ us vs. them argument that the riots are caused by invasion of ‘black, Jamaican’ gangster culture. He even does a ‘linguistic analysis’ of what the would-be Olympics ambassador says when looting the store and compares it to Jamaican patios. It’s an example of an over-academic, ludicrous argument and the other participants of the talkshow shoot him down mercilessly.

Another insight on the cause of these riots – The Moral Decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom.


2 thoughts on “More on Understanding the UK Riots

  1. jazzyinlove says:

    hello dear, i think it’s also interesting to read the first two articles in the order you recommend. the article discusses the “misplaced moralism” of scapegoating single mothers while ignoring larger issues of chronic inequality, which would then make readers regard the Blizard article in a more critical light.

    • heroonthebeach says:

      Thanks dear. That was my intention indeed! There are so many theories going around now to explain the UK riot that one must really take what we read in each article with a pinch of salt.

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