Visions of the Future

I always find it rather fun and fascinating to watch videos that try to predict how the world will be like in the future.

The video ‘Future of Singapore in 2015’ was the first one I watched when I was in NIE.


Watching this video really made me feel excited and of course, situating it in Singapore, made it even more fascinating as you could really picture these technologies in your everyday life.

Recently at a retreat, we watched this video ‘A Day Made of Glass.. Made possible by Corning’.

I really like the music in this video and it has less of that very serious, ‘journalistic’ tone that the Singapore video has. Although it promotes very much the same technologies, it has a more relaxed, enjoyable and fun mood to it. I like that it has no need for voiceover and everything can be shown simply through actions.

The latest one I’ve seen, though definitely not a recently produced, is Microsoft Future Vision Montage in 2019:

The best part though is that this Vision Montage has an accompanying parody which is laugh-out-loud funny in its cynicism and deadpan sarcasm. Do note that there are some vulgarities (for younger readers), but it’s all censored – heh – which makes it even more hilarious:

If you only watch one video in this post, watch the last one!