NDP Steamboat Feast with my Family!


Photo courtesy of my uncle

My family loves to celebrate special days with steamboat dinners. There’s always so much joy throwing all the various ingredients into the hotpot, watching them cook and feasting on them after and savouring the soup stock which gets more and more tasty as the night goes on.

For our steamboat last night, we had spinach, kangkong, cabbage (and many other types of vegetables I don’t know the names of), egg, golden mushrooms, straw mushrooms, egg tofu, various types of yong tau fu (lady’s fingers, crabstick, etc.), pork slices, prawns, sotong, fish slices, mussels, oysters, fish balls with minced meat inside, meat balls, udon noodles and regular instant noodles too. My mum was planning to get beef, but the shabu shabu beef was sold out in most places.

We even had finger food like chicken wings (which were all finished while waiting for the food to be cooked) and there was soon kueh and ang ku kueh as well! 

The soup stock was amazingly tasty as it was made by boiling pork ribs and soy beans. It gradually became more flavourful and sweet with all the addition of seafood. The chili is a special steamboat chili made by my aunt with a combination of various spices and ingredients which I have no idea- the only ones I can see in the chilli sauce are garlic, chives, chilli padi.

What a feast it was! What a great way to celebrate National Day and a great way too to end off my 40 days of Fasting! 🙂