Amazing Race Australia 1 Episode 11- Jerusalem to Sri Lanka

Luck definitely plays a huge factor in the Amazing Race, be it getting bad taxi drivers, missing the train etc. On the latest episode of Amazing Race, Lady Luck was definitely shining on Sam and Renae as the final challenge on the penultimate leg of the race was one that advantaged women! They also managed to successfully catch a very tight transfer from Rome to Sri Lanka.

To be fair to them, it wasn’t as if all women would do better at this task, but it was especially true for Renae who had experience using a sewing machine. She hence zipped through the task and emerged in first place, effectively removing their penalty and landing them a well-deserved place in the final 3! Well done!

It took almost 17 seasons before Amazing Race America even had any all woman teams on the final 3, and Amazing Race Australia achieved it on their first season and it was on a race that was definitely very physical and challenging at many points, unlike the rather lacklustre TAR17 where many challenges were forgettable and way too easy.

The leg was designed well in that it keptthe racers at close proximity at all times and there were sufficient intermediate challenges between the Roadblock and Detour to keep things interesting. Teams were tested on a whole range of skills throughout the leg from observation skills, resourcefulness, brute strength and of course, sewing. The leg was sufficiently long and we could see that the teams were all being stretched physically. This has indeed been a very challenging race overall though and we have seen these very fit and strong contestants undergo challenges which brought them almost to their breaking point, something we haven’t seen on the American version for a while. Going into the finals, my vote is for Sam and Renae, followed by Jeff and Luke and finally the surfer boys. I really don’t think the surfer boys deserve to win, given their many blunders throughout the race.

I’m glad that TAR-Australia has been renewed for a second season. The producers have done a pretty good job of selecting the best challenges from all Amazing Race seasons and putting them together in a suspenseful, meaningful way. I do hope that the 2nd season will really see Amazing Race Australia developing its own ‘character’, with challenges that are unique to them and I hope that the contestants in the 2nd season are ones with more flavour and compelling storylines.

It’s been a great season and I’m looking forward to the finale in Singapore! The shots of flyer look rather exciting! TAR American version has never been able to deliver a satisfactory Singapore leg. If TAR Australia does that, this will definitely be one of the best legs of TAR ever!


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