My mum’s paintings

My mum started taking art lessons at this art studio near Pek Kio Market a few months ago and she has since gotten very into it!

Just last week, she went all the way down to Botanic Gardens with my uncle at 6.30 a.m. in the morning just to take photo of swans so that she could paint them into her picture. That’s how committed she is! We now have many of her paintings put up all around our house and the two below are those in my room:




They’re really beautiful, aren’t they? You wouldn’t believe that my mum just started learning painting a few months ago. These paintings were inspired by portraits from Annette Dozier’s Country Portraits 5 which I ordered for my mum from eBay.  

These scenes bring back memories of my visits to small Yorkshire towns like Malham or Knaresborough, which were actually still relatively populated and modern. I never really got to see the charm of rural England. I would like to go to such places someday, where people just live so simply, away from the rush of city life and enjoy the peace and serenity. For now, I can only vicariously imagine being there through these paintings.


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