Shanghai Food! (Part 1)

My family and I took a trip up to Shanghai this June holidays and we had a great time there sightseeing, shopping, recharging and meeting friends.

There’s too much to blog about and too many photos to be posted up, so I’ll start off (and I’m not sure I’ll even continue) by writing about one of my favourite topics – the restaurants! 

First dinner at Shanghai Min (Xiao Nan Guo)

We were famished when we arrived at our hotel as we had an early lunch on our flight. This restaurant was 10 minutes walk away from our hotel and recommended by our tour guide, so we immediately made our way there. It must have been quite popular, because we were told that we had to vacate by 6.30 p.m. for other reservations. It was indeed a good start to our trip! 


Some of the more noteworthy dishes were:


The traditional xiao long bao and pork ribs (I didn’t take down the names of the dishes and I can’t google them, but I think it’s Grandma’s Special Pork Ribs?)

Xiao long bao was of similar standard to the good ones in Singapore in Din Tai Feng or Paradise Dynasty. The pork ribs were very good! Every bit was thoroughly marinated with the sweet sauce. Yum!


Dumpings with Chili Oil and Peanut Sauce

This was rather unique. I hadn’t tried anything like this in Singapore before – dumpings with chilli oil yes (and we actually thought it would be this), but not with peanut sauce. This was actually a bit too heavy-going for us and we got a little ni of it after eating just one or two.

Famous Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao at Cheng Huang Miao


Xie Rou Xiao Long Bao (Crab meat)

There was an extremely long queue for this and we were initially hesitant about queuing up. However, I decided that we had to try it since we were here and the queue moved surprisingly fast. I got my xiao long bao in 15 minutes time!

I have tasted better xiao long bao skin before as this was still a bit too thick for my liking, but what was great about this and probably the reason for its great popularity was the abundance of stock once you bit through the skin. The stock was so tasty and there was so much of it! It was worth queuing up for, definitely!


I’m normally not a Starbucks fan in Singapore, but somehow we kept going back to Starbucks when we were in Shanghai, perhaps because it was something familiar. Starbucks has literally invaded every big city in the world. Within the span of a 15 minute walk, we spotted 3 Starbucks near our hotel and they were all crowded!


Much more good food in Shanghai, but will post it in my next post!