Unexpected Find: Great Soup!


Pear and Apple Double-boiled Soup @
Soup Master, Funan Centre 5th Floor Food Court

Amongst all the malls in the City Hall area, Funan Centre is probably one of the least populated of them all. The food court on the 5th floor was less than 40% full when Jasmine and I were there. Who would have expected to find such great double-boiled soup there?

I was looking for something light as I was still peckish after dinner and this was perfect for me.

My experience with Food Court soup has been mostly disappointing – think watery soup with minimal ingredients and lightly flavoured. This soup was the complete opposite of that!

This was a robust and full-bodied soup, completely infused with the taste of pork, apple and miscellaneous other herbs that they put in. This soup was amazing. Prices are reasonable too at $5.50 for a set, which includes rice and vegetable, or $3.50 for the soup alone. This is the cheaper alternative to Soup Broth Asia!

I just found out that there’s a Soup Master at one of the food courts just near my place too! I’ll definitely try that out when I have the chance. A great blessing indeed after a long, tiring day at work!


Amazing Race Australia 1 Episode 9 – Poland to Israel

I mentioned to Jasmine before that nobody around me seems to have that similar fanatical interest in The Amazing Race. I always have so much to say about each episode after I view it, but nobody to talk to about it, so I’ve decided now to use my blog as a platform for me to express my opinions on TARA (TAR Australia) as and when I have any thoughts about it.

TAR Australia continues to deliver quality leg design, but less than engaging character drama in its episodes. I enjoyed most of the tasks this leg and once again, the refreshing fact that the episode comprised of more than just the Detour and Roadblock. I’m not quite sure how I felt about the ‘Guess what your teammate will think’ task as I thought that was really a task that had as much to do with luck as it had to do with knowing what your teammate thought.

This was once again another leg which seemed to put the male competitors at more of an advantage than the female ones (and next week’s one looks like that too) with the parking task. The great thing about the design of this Roadblock is that there was no limit to the number of participants who could take part in it. Unlike some Roadblocks in the American version where people actually had to queue up for Roadblock tasks or there were limits like 3 at a time, this actually allowed the racers to pit against each other, though the task itself wasn’t very exciting.

The detour choices were interesting and both options offered indeed had clear pros and cons to them. The most grueling task this leg was the 200km drive to the pitstop! With the exception of the 2nd episode of the first All Star Amazing Race where there was an extensive drive through the Valley of the Moon, I don’t recall any other episode where the pitstop was so far from the previous route marker. The teams must have driven at least 2 hours or more, but ultimately, there wasn’t much shaking up of team orders through the driving either.

We’re now down to our final 4 teams. I am secretly rooting for Sam and Renae to emerge as champions as they have proven themselves to be tough, intelligent and resourceful. They have gotten through the race on more than just brute strength and I believe they truly deserve to win.