Project 365 Day 55


Whenever I tell people I’ve been busy with elections, they always confuse it for the General Elections 2011 and wonder how I am involved. So much to say about this GE, but that’s not the purpose of this post.

After 4 months of hard work, the elections process has (almost) come to an end. It has been a most rewarding journey, seeing students move from just another student filling up a form, to a face in our interviews then a candidate being ‘tekaned’ during the campaigning process and eventually standing in front of the school to garner votes. Today, they’ve taken a great step ahead and chosen their leaders who will take them into an exciting year ahead of Council work. It’s a new beginning for them, but for us teachers, it’s repeating the same journey again, but with different companions this time.

That is one of the joys of teaching. We seemingly go through the same processes again, but we learn new ways of doing things and have to keep learning because of our new companions on this journey. I am looking forward to the next half a year with this new batch of councillors. And this time, I have greater ownership of them, because I played a bigger role in selecting and hopefully, moulding them.


P365 Day 54 – Do-Nothing Days


We often look forward to lull periods or periods when we can finally rest and do nothing. I realise that that’s not the correct mindset. I can’t wait or look forward to lull periods – I have to consciously make the effort to ensure that I have do-nothing days. They aren’t really do nothing days, but they are days where I devote my energies to something completely different from work. These are the days where I truly get refreshed and ready to start the work week all over again.

Day 53- Crossroads


It has indeed been one of the busiest and most interesting Easters ever with different outreach events on everyday of the long weekend.

Friday was TGIF cell group at a friend’s home where my ex-student came and virtually finished all the food! Saturday was a Crossroads event where Dearie and I led a group of our teenagers from Marine Parade to Bukit Merah while completing various food ‘challenges’ along the way. The photograph above was taken by her cheeky cell gals! Heh. (Note the boy behind covering his face intentionally.) Sunday was our special Easter celebration service and two of my ex-students came along with me.

In the midst of the busyness, I barely even had time to think about what the death and resurrection of Jesus meant for me until the past few days. This Easter, I was reminded that Jesus poured himself out for us, so that we can have eternal life. Our response to that would be then to pour ourselves out to those around us, so that His love would be made known to all. 

Day 50- Steamboat


It was my aunt’s birthday today, so we had steamboat. I enjoyed myself so much, just throwing in vegetables, prawns, fishballs, meatballs, yong tau foo and slurping up the rich broth with Thai instant noodles that my aunt bought. There’s something just so heartwarming about the whole family sitting around a steamboat and enjoying a lovely meal together.