Day 46- Unexpected love


As we were going for dinner today, we spotted this faint outline of a heart imprinted on a drain cover by the road. We only saw it because I decided to move my car to a better parking position, further away from the bend. It could have been easily missed if we had just rushed across or strolled over without looking down.

That’s the way it is with God’s love. There were moments this week where I looked at the wrong direction or I tried to move too fast ahead and thus moved out of God’s protecting love. Sometimes, we don’t position ourselves right to see and feel God’s love.

We always think that God’s love is great, hence it is something we should easily be able to see. While that is true, as we mature in our faith, God also wants us to find Him, to put in effort to seek Him and position ourselves in that place where we can really understand His love. I thank God for this timely reminder of His love, but also of what I need to do as His child to receive and understand Him.


Project 365 Day 45- Accomplishment


That feeling of accomplishment after organizing a huge school event is a feeling like no other. I decided to reward myself with awfully chocolate’s White Chocolate butterscotch cake!

Project 365 Day 44- Anatolia


Anatolia at Far East Plaza is one of our most frequent haunts as it offers affordable and value for money set meals. I used to always order the set meal there, but Jasmine and I both realised that two set meals are way too much for us as she usually doesn’t finish half of hers! I decided to try the Menemen today – a turkish egg dish which includes onion, tomato and green peppers. It was indeed as good as it sounds and went very well with the bread provided.  

Project 365 Day 43- Biennale Part 2


In spite of the disappointing experience at Old Kallang Airport, Jasmine and I really wanted to give the Biennale another chance, so we went to the other exhibition at SAM@8Q. Unfortunately, the Biennale couldn’t redeem itself. The only fascinating exhibit was the one shown above, which featured interviews with different sets of twins. We actually spent almost 20 minutes here.

The rest of the exhibits either seemed too effortless (think – a completely empty room with only a sound track playing from a corner) or required too much explanation to understand. We tried our best, but we don’t think we’ll be visiting anymore of the Biennale exhibits this year.  

Project 365 Day 42- Me-Time


It was a truly special day for me today, because I finally had the opportunity to spend some good quality time with myself. I can’t recall the time I ever did this since I came back from Leeds. The last time I did it was at Knaresborough and that was indeed a true retreat away from city life.

I managed to find my own retreat this time, ironically at Orchard Central – which is right in the heart of city but OC feels very different from your conventional malls like 313 or Ion. There isn’t much of a crowd here and as you go to the higher floors, it becomes much more peaceful and a temporary respite from the city. It was here, at Heaven’s Loft, that I had my brief retreat, accompanied by a cup of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream.

And it was during this retreat that I reflected on what had been shared during the G12 Conference earlier and the first term of school. I realised what my passion was, what truly gripped me and yet while pursuing this passion, I had to balance and ensure that I took care of the other areas of my life. It was a brief time of reflection, but it gave me a better sense of what I wanted to achieve for the rest of the year.

Project 365 Day 40 – Biennale


Jasmine asked me on Sunday what I wanted to do this holidays and one of the things I mentioned was to go for art exhibitions. It was perfect timing as the Singapore Biennale just opened last weekend and we made our way down to Old Kallang Airport today to check out the exhibits. Unfortunately, we were rather underwhelmed by most of the pieces which were either crude or required too much explanation to appreciate. More hits than misses, ultimately.

Interestingly, one of the more successful elements of the exhibition was the makeshift Toast Box cafeteria which they set up there in the style of old shophouses with white-washed walls, black and white photos of Old Kallang Airport and traditional coffee flasks. We took as many photos here as we did at most of the other art exhibits! Check out our blog soon for a more detailed review of this exhibition.

Some of the pieces on display:

IMG_9802 IMG_9787

IMG_9771  IMG_9773