Project 365 Day 24 – Home-grown Bananas


One of my colleagues has her own garden where she grows her own fruits. Every year, she makes it a point to bring the huge bananas from her home, which are literally twice the width of your usual bananas! I’ve put in the green marker there just for comparison. This served as my afternoon tea yesterday. As she claims, it is indeed a meal in itself!


Project 365 Day 23 – Impulse


I almost never ever buy anything on impulse. All my purchases, be it books or clothes, are always bought after a lot of, if not at least some, consideration. However, I was just browsing the magazine rack on Sunday as Jasmine was signing up for more scrapbook classes (sigh) and Asian Geographic caught my eye! After flipping a few pages, I was won over and bought it.

The photographs in the magazine were amazing. I rarely say this about anything, but they were really so thoughtfully taken and carefully composed that they served as such insightful commentaries on whatever situations being captured.

This article featured above made me think more about my Project 365. The writer says, “Photography is a medium to showcase a person’s character and to capture precious memories. It is a means to immortalise life.” Yes, indeed! I have lost steam in my Project 365 endeavour in the midst of last week’s busy-ness, but I shall be determined to continue, so that I’ll have a good catalogue of meaningful photographs when I look back on 2011.

Project 365 Day 21- 127 Hours


I consider a movie successful if it causes one to look at his world through a different lens and learn new things about it. 127 Hours literally does this with all its play on camera angles, slow motion and accelerated action, hyper-real and hysterical scenes, but I believe the scenes of Aron Ralston savouring the last sips and eventually droplets of water from his Nalgene bottle will remain etched in my mind.

I loved 127 Hours very much, because it did exactly what I mentioned above. It is one of the most life-affirming shows that I’ve ever watched because it zooms in on sounds, sights and feelings, movements in our bodies that are often glossed over in our daily lives. It is refreshing to watch such a movie and realize that there is so much more happening in our lives that is worth focusing on and to most importantly that it takes so much just to keep us alive in each day. This is definitely a show I won’t mind watching again!

Project 365 Day 18 – Dream Runs


After two months of progressive training, I finally managed to accomplish my dream run!

For a few weeks I’ve been conceiving in my mind a running route from my home all the way to my school. I’ve been visualising the route, planning the best way to get there, where possible pit-stops and water-points could be. Yesterday, I just thought to myself, “Let me not plan anymore. Let me just go and run!”. So, I woke up early today, put on my trusty new pair of New Balance shoes and did the run! The route was quite similar to what I planned, with a convenient toilet-break and water point at MacRitchie. At one point, the pavement ended abruptly and I had to make adjustments by running along some road shoulders (thank God for low traffic!). The run got tougher towards the end as I dragged my feet up and down the slopes of the roads leading to my school, but eventually I made it!

This represents a great milestone for me in my running training this year and now I can go on to plan other dream running routes – perhaps from my house to Marina Bay Sands!