“Your body of work is yet to come”

Obama’s commencement address to Arizona State University in Tempe is really one of the best pieces of rhetoric in our modern times.

I really felt something stirring in my heart as I watched him deliver it masterfully, as he always does. Obama has delivered some of the best speeches of the 21st century and this is less than a year into his presidency! Here are the links below:

Watch his speech live!

The transcript of his speech

Thank Laremy and Ashley for sharing these links on twitter!


2 thoughts on ““Your body of work is yet to come”

  1. Insightful.

    We all need to stand in the gap and intercede for our times and for God to place righteous and faithful men in government!

    Superb flow I thought, communication wise!

    • heroonthebeach says:

      Hey Val, you’re right indeed!
      I thought his speech was very well balanced – it presented a very realistic view of the present, yet in a very optimistic way that urges people to action to create a future. He also presented very conventional ‘build your nation, you have your part to play’ messages in a very individually empowering way. 🙂
      He is indeed a leader I would want to work hard for!

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