Daily Telegraph News

Features from today’s Daily Telegraph:

  • Too much fast food ‘harms children’s test scores’
    When I was in Secondary school, I used to have KFC or MacDonalds at least 2-3 times a week – perhaps I should have eaten more at the hawker centre to improve my test scores. 🙂 I find the studies of such a test quite dubious because you can easily pull two unrelated components together and compare them statistically to create an imaginary relation. Too many loop-holes in such studies.
  • Graduates told to work in call centres
    Looks like one of the ‘industries’ benefitting globally from this recession is education sector. A thought just came to mind that with good manpower planning, allocation and training, this recession could ultimately lead to an improved quality of education in schools globally.
  • MP’s expenses – 20 most bizzare claims
    Humorous yet ridiculous at the same time.

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