It Matters

Do your daily battles of faith and testing really matter in the bigger scheme of things?

This is what Philip Yancey has to say.

“The Wager [between God and Satan in the book of job] offers a message of great hope to all of us – perhaps the most powerful and enduring lesson from Job. In the end, The Wager resolved decisively that the faith of a single human being counts for very much indeed. Job affirms that our response to testing matters. The history of mankind – and, in fact, my own individual history of faith – is enclosed within the great drama of the history of the Universe… […]

The Wager was, at its heart, a stark reenactment of God’s original question in creation: Will the humans choose for or against me? … Satan denied that human beings are truly free… The opening chapters of Job expose Satan as the great behaviorist: Job was conditioned to love God, he implied. Take away the rewards, and watch his faith crumble. The Wager put Satan’s theory to the test.

I have come to see Job’s trials as a crucial test of human freedom, an important issue in modern times as well. In our century, it takes faith to believe that a human being amounts to more than a combination of DNA programming, instincts of the gene pool, cultural conditioning, and the impersonal forces of history. Yet even in this behaviorist century, we want to believe different. We want to believe that the thousand hard and easy choices we make each day count. And the Book of Job insists that they do; one person’s faith can make a difference. There is a role for human beings, and by fulfilling that role Job set a pattern for anyone who ever faces doubt or hardship.

Job teaches that at the moment when faith is hardest and least likely, then faith is most needed. His struggle presents a glimpse of what the Bible elsewhere spells out in detail: the remarkable truth that our choices matter, not just to us and our own destiny, but amazingly, to God himself and the universe he rules.”

That’s what I read today that convinced me that our faith does matter.

And this…





Is my day today, that convinced me further, that our faith does matter. 🙂