Cookies to the Rescue

I really liked Sumiko Tan’s article, “Cookies to the Rescue”, on last Sunday’s Lifestyle section.

Her descriptions of how she could not stop eating cookies reminds me so much of my days back in Leeds when I used to consume biscuits like crazy. These were a few of my favourites:

Chocolate Digestives


I couldn’t find the picture of the brand that I normally bought. I normally bought the Morrisons brand Chocolate Digestives as they were much cheaper than the McVites one – almost a third cheaper! And there were so many more of them in one tin – about 30 of them, as opposed to the 12 in a typical McVitie’s container above. I could consume at least half a tin, i.e. 15 chocolate digestives in one sitting. They were just so addictive!


Chocolate Hobnobs

I discovered this much later on. The texture of hobnobs is much more chewy than digestives as it has oats in it, hence you can’t eat as many, but nonetheless, I still managed to finish about one tin in two days! The chocolate layer was also much thicker for the hobnobs, so that made it much richer and satisfying!

Jaffa Cakes

I became hooked on these jaffa cakes after I went for a Singsoc trip to Old Trafford Museum in Manchester. The tour guide told us that the players ate these ‘cakes’ as a snack as they were loaded with sugar and gave them much energy to sustain them for the games. For those who haven’t tried it before, it’s a soft biscuit with a chocolate coating on top and an orange-flavoured gooey centre.

Most of the above biscuits are available in Singapore. However, I don’t crave for them anymore. Back in Singapore now, though I eat biscuits on a much less frequent basis, I still do enjoy them very much, especially during the New Year period. The biscuit that I enjoy the most right now is….


Tim Tam!

I don’t know if the flavours above are available in Singapore, but they are sold all over the place in Australia and I ate them non-stop when I was there traveling the last time. Bought many of them back, and finished them within a week (with my family’s help, of course).

Do you notice a common theme in all the biscuits that I like? 🙂