Poetry in Motion

I’ve been following a local blogger, Mr Wang Says So, who provides very insightful, balanced and also rather close to heart commentaries on our local politics. In his recent entries, he has included samples of two of his poems. The first one is titled Paddy Chew’s Last Show, and the second one is titled The Schoolgirl Kills Herself After An Exam. Do take some time to read both entries and the accompanying commentaries that he makes. I find both poems simple yet brutally honest, with an honesty that too close for comfort.

Poetry can manifest itself not only in words, but through photographs too. A collection of photographs on the use of land in Singapore have really astounded and amazed me this week by the sheer volumes they speak by the mere juxtaposition of activites on the same space. (A big thanks to Laremy for the link!) It’s a slide-show of photographs titled Multipli-city. All the photographs have been taken with double exposure, to show the different use of the same space at different times. The images seamlessly meld into each other, forming an image that speaks volumes. As I viewed these photos, I felt a strange sense of pride, a strange sense of belonging to this land which is ‘uniquely’ Singapore.

An established literary/arts culture is an integral part of all society because it encapsulates the deeper meanings of society within a form that fascinates and allures the reader, drawing him into a culture in a way that any academic research can never do. The web has indeed become a great resource for the sharing and appreciation of such works.


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