What’s Happening

I’ve always admired M. Night Shyamalan’s works, with the exception of The Village (which was still a good piece of story-telling, with an extremely far-fetched twist) and Lady in the Water (which I didn’t watch, but am keen on watching).

It’s been a while since I’ve really watched a film that gave me the space to think.

The Happening was a movie which did. It’s an ‘end of the world’ movie which does not fit the mould of a usual “end of the world movie”. It’s a very quiet, very contemplative and very quiet. The threat to the world is invisible, yet so much more threatening and frightening because of that. As much as it is about the end of the world, this is a film about connections and communication – how we relate to each other, how technology helps us to relate, how nature relates to us and most importantly, how film relates to its viewers. It’s one of the more intelligently written and crafted films I’ve watched in a long while! I recommend all to give it a try. Go borrow the DVD.


Interestingly enough, speaking of “happenings”, what’s unfolding at the AWARE EOGM is turning out to be increasingly fascinating. I must say the (new) media landscape in Singapore is indeed changing, with sites like The Online Citizen and Wayang Party giving real time updates of what’s going on. I’ve so much to say about this AWARE situation, and I must say it’s the first time I’ve really been keen on following what’s going on. Perhaps I’ll say more about it after it’s more after the EOGM is over.